“Donna's unique and caring approach to therapy has given me the knowledge and ability to begin to move past old demons and fears that had dogged me through my entire life. I am truly thankful to her for helping me regain my life.” KY, Milton

“The benefits that I have received from working with Donna have been truly immeasurable. How can one quantify the importance of finding one's true self, gaining confidence and changing unwanted behaviour patterns? I feel now that I have finally found myself, learned to love and accept myself and very importantly have unlearned my being a victim. With Donnas' gentle guidance, keen intuition, and compassion we have visited many of my dark places and I believe doing so has helped open my heart, mind and soul to a whole new world. I feel honoured to have the continued support of such a talented individual always helping me through what has been a very special and at time arduous journey. I have and will continue to recommend Donna to family, friends and anyone who feels they need help on their personal paths.” With love, JD/Ottawa