“Through my sessions with Donna, I was able to make the time for my own growth as a person, which in turn made me a better mother, and a more productive business professional. Donna's guidance assisted me in overcoming emotional challenges, and gave me the peace of mind I needed to continue to lead a peaceful, happy and well rounded life.” MJ, Mississauga

“Big changes have happened with since my first meeting with Donna. My wife, daughter and friends have all seen it. But more important I feel it within myself. I have accomplished more in the little time that I have known Donna then I have in about 20 years of my life. For years I struggled bouncing from one counsellor to the next. I could not figure it out what is wrong? Why does their suggestions and therapy not work for me? It was exhausting, like I did not have enough to deal with already. The first meeting I had with Donna I could feel a shift within. There was so much I had in common with her. She knew me without knowing me, she understood me without even trying to understand. It was just there. I realized that it was not a book, or a school that taught her how to understand the way she did. I'm grateful for having someone like Donna in my life and always look forward to what she has to offer. It just amazes me how I can come see her for an appointment where she listens to me and understands. Then she offers me a tool to help with the situation and sends me on my way like a child excited to play. Namaste Donna!” -- KH