Donna's Approach

Within each of us is an inner core of goodness -- a place of love, joy and peace. My practice is dedicated to helping people to awaken to this truth. The gateway for this is individual. For many this may involve dealing with what blocks them from contacting this truth, like a trauma. For others it will involve changing habitual unhealthy patterns, or healing a relationship. Still others come looking for support to deal with pain, illness, or a crisis, or because they feel they are being dismantled. Regardless, our work is a journey of moving closer to living more congruent to love, joy and peace.

In the field of psychotherapy, I am known as a Transformational Psychotherapist. To some, I am a healer. My approach utilizes a remarkable blending of Eastern and Western teachings, embracing practical concerns with spiritual arms. I have been blessed to have completed my PhD in Psychology so have the basic training of a psychologist. I am also a certified Somatic Experiencing (trauma) Practitioner, Transpersonal Therapist, and Reiki Master. And I have advanced training in Meditation, Mindfulness, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Shamanism, Past Life Regression, Gestalt Therapy, Non-Violent Communication, and Couples Therapy.

If I had to name my specialties I would say they include trauma (acute, such as car accidents as well as developmental trauma, such as childhood abuse), stress, illness, pain, relationships, and spirituality.