What does BodhiSeed mean?

Bodhi is a Sanskrit word traditionally translated as "enlightenment", but frequently (and more accurately) translated as "awakening" or "to Know.

Thus BodhiSeed is the seed to awakening. This is what I can help you sow.

What does it mean to live awakened? It means living authentically and responsibly, with awareness and compassion for oneself, for others, and for all living things. It means accessing and embracing both shadow and light in oneself and others. To live an awakened life is to strive in each moment to make a choice that aligns with one's essence rather than ego. It is to open our hearts to love, saying YES to all that is. Allowing our divinity to shine through us and flow to others, that is the ultimate state of awakening.

This too is Bodhi (one of my fur companions)!