Knowledge Translation

Scientist Knowledge Translation Training Workshops and Consultation

Knowledge translation (KT), transfer and exchange, transfer, diffusion, mobilization, health innovation or commercialization, are all terms that have been used to describe the complex set of activities involved in advancing knowledge generated from research into effective changes in health policy, practice, or products. KT strategies are varied and might include presentations to non-academic stakeholders, brochures, summary reports, roundtable discussions or face-to-face meetings. The list of evidence-based KT strategies is growing steadily.

A well-developed KT plan is emerging as a proposal requirement for health research in Canada and abroad, and there is greater attention to research utilization and research impact in many aspects of health practice and research. The Scientist Knowledge Translation Training (SKTT™) course was developed on the premise that scientists are agents of change in creating research impact, promoting research utilization, and ensuring their research findings reach the appropriate audiences. There is a skill set surrounding KT practice, and it is these competencies that the training course was designed to impart.

The SKTT workshop is intended for health science researchers across all four scientific pillars (basic, clinical, health services, population health), who have an interest in sharing research knowledge with (multiple) audiences beyond the traditional academic community, as appropriate, and in increasing the impact potential of their research. The course is also appropriate for KT professionals, policy and decision-makers, and educators, as the focus is on the practice of KT and the universal components of knowledge translation.